Since its inception, Nova has highlighted international films with little commercial potential in Belgium. Initially, these films were given exposure by being screened intensively for one month. But since the end of 1997, with few Belgian distributors willing to make artistic choices and basing their catalog more and more on profit-turning films, Nova has increased its engagement and created its own distribution structure.

A film distributed by Nova infallibly begins its journey on screen, with a guaranteed number of weeks and screenings (almost 20 regular screenings in a month). For the moment this distribution work is made on a small scale: one or two 35mm copies are screened in festivals and in Belgian cinemas, or during special screenings.

Films already distributed by Nova:

- "Careful" de Guy Maddin, Canada 1992, 99’ (vo st fr)
- "Pas vu, pas pris" de Pierre Carles, France 1998, 90’ (vo fr)
- "I Married a Strange Person" de Bill Plympton, USA 1997, 73’ (vo st fr)
- "Of Freaks and Men" d’Alexeï Balabanov, Russie 1998, 93’ (vo st fr)
- "Kto Bolche" de Vitali Kanevski, Russie 1999, 60’ (vo st fr)
- "Singapore Sling" of Nikos Nikolaïdis, Grèce 1990, 114’ (vo st fr)
- "Otesanek" de Jan Svankmajer, Tchéquie, 2000, 35 mm, 127’ (vo st fr)
- "The Weather Underground" de Sam Green & Bill Siegel, USA, 2003, 92’ (vo st fr)
- "Sileni" ("Lunacy") de Jan Svankmajer, Tchéquie, 2005, 35mm, 120’ (vo st fr)
- ...

In the same vein, Nova has begun a collaboration with ACID, an association of directors who, for over seven years, have promoted the distribution of French and international independent films across 500 movie theaters in France. From March 2000 on, every two months Nova will show several movies from their selection in a special "ACID’s evening", with the objective getting them screened in Belgium.