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5 to 9.12

From its very beginning, Cinema Nova has had a special interest in the phenomenon of Television. For anyone, who knows that Nova has always opened its doors and windows (insofar as there are anyŠ) to the world and it"s harsh realities, this comes as no surprise.
We can"t ignore the impact of the audio-visual media in our daily life. Television is the main actor in the media scene. And while this «peephole» in our living rooms constitutes a window to the world, it is nevertheless one with a highly distorted view, where the borders between Information, Propaganda, Commerce and Spectacle are hard to discern.
TV Nova is synonymous with engaged media. In the past years, numerous activist groups have been invited to the Nova to screen, present and debate their work. To all of them, « media » is a public space to be appropriated! To this end, Nova organises at the fore of the « Summit of Laken » an International TV Nova meeting with guests from all over the world.

The Program

The program is built up thematically in a series of afternoon-workshops, animated by and for it"s participants. Every workshop will be launched by a striking example of a specific initiative. Nova will also set up a Video Library and a Video Swap Mart that will be accessible all day. During the evenings our guests will present their initiatives and screen their works to the public. And of course there"s space for "entertainment" like having a drink, concerts and even a surprise midnight screening!

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