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Twice advertised andŠ twice delayed, at last, the "Rencontre des labos" is happening.

But, I hear you ask yourself: What do we mean by "labo"? The "laboratories" referred to here are spaces fitted-out for film making from beginning to end: shooting, development, printing, editing and even screening! Furthermore, these laboratories are not commercial ventures, but premises managed collectively by film-makers or artists committed to a creative and craft, even experimental, approach to film making.

The ideas that form the backdrop to this "Rencontre des labos" adventure are many and varied. For the last few years there has been a noticeable fad for a form of cinema labelled as "experimental". Numerous festivals have programmed retrospectives (even Cannes has tried it!) From film workshops to even galleries and museums, an increasing number of ventures are reclaiming or confronting experimental cinema through ads, music clips, choreography, drama, and concerts. But even as experimental cinema is being rediscovered, its techniques often remain little-known and misunderstood. The growth of digital and other new technologies may lead you to believe that celluloid can be consigned to cinema"s past: Don"t be fooled! Many film-makers and artists still work with celluloid and chemicals.

How does this "lab work" take place? Why is celluloid still used today? What remains of the legacy of film-making cooperatives, so widespread and influential in the sixties and seventies? These are just some of the many questions that will be examined during this rencontre des labos.

Our hope is that these eight days will provide an opportunity for taking stock of what exists and what is happening today in Europe"s craft-oriented cinema.
Following more than a year of research, many film-makers, groups, and collectives had responded enthusiastically to what we are proposing. So, get ready for an influx of "cheerleaders for celluloid" arriving from nearly everywhere in Europe with a film, an installation, or a performance to show. Even as we go to press, proposals continue to arrive that unfortunately cannot be included in the program. Be prepared for a few surprises and long nights at the Nova!

On the agenda for these eight days: numerous films (too many, in fact, to be detailed in this program), installations in a former commercial space, performances, debates, workshops, etc. etc! So many things cannot be described in this editorial. The only thing for you to do is be curious and take trip to the Nova!—

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