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The marketing campaign for PleinOPENair worked so well in 2008 that all we hear is the demand for more, more, more! So here you are: Nova’s screen will once again wander through industrial urban territories, calling out to all those in need of a new economic miracle, "Forget the crisis! Go forth and consume!"
Despite numbers in the red, corporate redundancy binges and the fact that it takes a miracle to find a decent apartment for a decent prices, our leaders, under the watchful eye of developers and financial groups, continue to put the city up for bid. Yes, the coffers are sometimes half full, sometimes half empty, depending on the objective. Empty for social programmes but full enough to stuff the bank’s purse. It’s clear to most everyone, however, that Brussels is in dire need of a football stadium for the 2018 World Cup. There’s no more money? That’s ok, let’s build a giant shopping centre to raise the capital we need. Nevermind that Flanders also plans to build a 100,000 m2 shopping complex just a stone’s throw away, across the regional border. Brussels will just have to get there faster! It’s true that shopping centres are considered a kind of celestial boon (although it remains to be proven) and that local powers will often go to any length to attract investors. In the meantime, the territory and its inhabitants are collateral damage!
But let’s not limit our appetite to shopping: the region also needs a new conference centre, nevermind that the old one just got renovated. It’s a bit like the stadium Roi Baudouin that collected 37 million Euros worth of investment a mere 10 years ago. It too will now have a big brother. Brussels needs to step up its game if it wants to compete with Lille, Marseille, even Amsterdam for international recognition! It doesn’t matter that theses cities all end up looking the same, toppling over with the same multi-function complexes, stadiums and museums.
Of course, a lot of thought has gone into this new rhetoric. Everything will be sustainable and ecologically friendly: green roofs, bicycle parking, solar panels and high-performing energy conservation measures are a must for these mega-structures that will ornament the city, to the great joy of the city’s inhabitants. And the latter will happily tolerate increasing prices, the overflow of traffic and an invasion of their private, living space. After all, they can always seek refuge in these palaces of leisure, find solace in the micro-cities within the city and their abundance of pleasure, joy and consumerism. "Work, live and play," and let us decide what’s best for you. And if your wallet isn’t fat enough, go play somewhere else. Out with the poor, in with the rich, it’s a profitable recipe for the region, the PDI (International Development Plan) said so.
It’s true that we haven’t invented anything better than the "American Way of Life" at the core of our consumer system. Confronted by decreasing profit margins, rising unemployment and structural crises, the United States solved the capitalist contradiction by developing the "cultural" industry to increase the consumer’s libido.
Since we know you are shivering with anticipation and the customer is always right, PleinOPENair decided to start a week earlier in order to increase its range of patrons. Our doors will open July 24 and close August 8.


PleinOPENair is a free festival. Some activities (workshops, tours) require reservations due to limited space.
The Nova team bent over backwards to locate prints of never-before-seen or rare films. Some are extremely fragile. Also, all the films will be screened in their original language(s) and subtitled in at least one other language. So please check the film details first, available online and in the paper programme.
PleinOPENair remembers your tummy! Every evening we’ll offer vegetarian food at democratic prices. And every weekend you can come to the PleinOPENair bar for delicious artisanal beers, organic fruit juices and Mohamed and Abdel’s famous mint tea!
The weather isn’t always on our side. If it rains, the show will still go on! And if it storms, just check Nova’s website ( for updates.
We’ll try our darnedest to start on time. But free, outdoor screenings are subject to many hazards and delays. Please forgive us if we’re running behind schedule... we’ll try our hardest to do what we can! Thanks!

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