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Happy Butcher
Happy Butcher is a partnership between two graphic designers, painters, illustrators and night-time Super Heroes... One is addicted to GI JOE’s, the other to My Little Poney... Sucette, the girl... is an illustrator who has been cradled with non-profit horror films and old cartoons since her early loving childhood... She propels us into her fantastic world, worthy of the oldest Disney films, where monsters of all kinds rub shoulders with the most tortured pin-ups in history...
Kostar... the kastor man dreams of muscles and hairs...a stencil artist with a colourful street art style, his motto is « forbidden to urinate ». He gets his inspiration from such subjects as stress, the industry and advertising, then mixes all these ingredients in his cocktail shaker and serves it all up in a joyous bloody mess of sometimes excessive overabundance!!!
Happy Butcher suggests you take your boots off and go for a walk in a slightly paradoxical universe where ying opposes yang, fullness goes hand in hand with oppression, and your world is a strange world and a unique world...

Jennifer Reghem
Jennifer Reghem. After her studies in illustration at the Royal Academy of Beaux-Arts in Bruxelles, Jennifer exposed her works at La Venerie (in/former in 2007) and at the Iselp (Cadre exquis for the Fureur de Lire in 2008). As a Collector of various small objects and toys, she seeks her inspiration in these objects and bases her work on games, riddles or even anecdotes, with nuance, delicacy and mischievousness.

22.10 > 19:30

A invitation to speak, listen, question, debate, discuss controversies and testify on the themes brought out into the open by the films presented at the Pink Screens.
A "gueulante" is a democratic open-debate whose main principle is the free flow of ideas around the issues raised. It is not a support group, but an open space for individuals to express their ideas, or prejudices, and be confronted by those of others...

Free access - at the bar of the Nova

SA 24.10.2009 > 19:30
The fight against homophobia : is the white, Western model applicable everywhere ?
Following Pink Camouflage
In collaboration with Merhaba

MA 27.10.2009 > 21:30
Who’s afraid of women’s sexuality
Following Who’s afraid of Kathy Acker?
In collaboration with Scum Grrrls

24.10 > 19:30 + 27.10 > 21:30

31.10 > 17:30

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