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#118 - Offscreen

04.03 → 21.03.2010
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Film fans with a taste for the unconventional and the unusual, rejoice! The program for the 3rd Offscreen Film Festival is an excellent vintage this year. For three long weekends, Cinema Nova and Marcel vzw will bring a new thematic module to the screen each weekend, not to mention welcome special guests and celebrate a number of premieres. The festival opens with "Air Doll" by the Japanese director Kore-Eda, and will close with "Ordinary People" on March 21. Until then, you will be in the good company of dancing rednecks ("White Lightnin’"), trippy janitors ("The Immaculate Conception of Little Dizzle"), repo chicks and space cowboys ("Stingray Sam"). Come discover a Swedish puzzle ("The Ape"), Czech animation ("In The Attic"), a Belgian thriller ("Amer") inspired by Giallo, and the first-ever fiction film directed by a monkey (yes, it’s true!)

The first weekend, Nova is happy to re-welcome Z-movie icon Jess Franco, who last visited us 8 years ago. He’ll be in the company of his leading lady Lina Romay. Another returning visitor is German electro musician Felix Kubin, who will host a festive evening dedicated to the German New Wave. He’ll be accompanied by his director friend Gabor Altorjay, who will take us on a cinematic and musical flashback to the 1980’s.

Our program will also feature the freaky and entrancing animated films of Bruce Bickford, who will join us in person and share the secrets of his DIY universe. The second weekend of the festival, we’ll present the "Pink & Violent" series, a selection of 8 exploitation films from Japan, all in 35mm and coming to us straight from the archives of legendary studios Toei and Nikkatsu. A rare chance to admire these works of art in their original format.

The third and final weekend will bring Spaghetti Westerns to the table. Four films presented by cult director and connaisseur of the genre, Alex Cox. We would have liked to show you more, but some films are so rare —and some distributors so greedy!— that we were only able to get our hands on a select few. We were able to screen them thanks to independent collectors who are more interested in rendering these gems accessible to the public than the prestige of a fistful of dollars.

Finally, don’t forget all the other activities happening "off screen": talks with the directors, workshops and panel discussions, the microboutiek and DJ sets. Cinema Nova will don some special Western gear for the festival, with a few oriental accents... Duck, you sucker!

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