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Kino Climates - Digital day

Film is not dead, but digital has won

A one-day round-table on the transition from celluloid to digital cinema

The arrival of digital cinema had been announced for long, but few among us expected it to replace celluloid so rapidly. The film industry has never experienced such a radical change in its century-long history. This is a “forced march” towards digital, as denounced by some people. In the sectors of production and exhibition this change of paradigm comes with a high price to pay as a number of small structures risk not to get through this transition. Using either film or digital technology should be in the realm of an “artistic” and / or “economical” choice of the artist, rather than just dictated by the rules of the market. We believe that film is not entirely dead and that digital has a future just as promising. We should stop confusing or opposing the two mediums: why shouldn’t both co-exist? A one-day round-table is organized, within the context of the Kino Climates week, in order to evaluate the pros and cons of this "digital revolution".

Round Table #1 / 10:00 > 13:00

The impact of digital technologies on the independent film exhibition sector.
Are there alternatives to the digital cinema formats imposed by the industry?

- Torkell Saetervadet (Oslo/No - member of the FIAF Technical Film Commission, independent consultant for archive & repertory theatres,
author of «The Advanced Projection Manual»);

- Nicolas Bertrand (Toulouse-Lyon/F - Software engineer, working on a three-years research programme on behalf of Cinema Utopia (Fr) and Université de Lyon on alternative and free licence DCP softwares);
- Jean-Philippe Jacquemin (Lille/Fr - Software engineer and independent consultant; member of the CST (Fr) technical film commission).

Round Table #2 / 14:00 > 18:00

What future for small-scale distributors and for the circulation of low-budget and independent films?
What will be the access to archive and «cinematheque» prints?

- Giovanna Fossati (Amsterdam/Nl - Head curator at the Eye Institute/ Amsterdam. Author of «From grain to pixel//The archival life of Film in transition»);
- Sebestyén Kodolányi (Budapest/ Hu - Director of the Béla Balàzs Studio); Fabienne Hanclot (Paris/Fr - Executive director of ACID/ Association du Cinéma Indépendant pour sa Diffusion);
- Catharine Des Forges (London/Uk - Executive director of ICO/ Independent Cinema Office);
- Stefan Droessler (Munich - Director of the Munich Film Museum / to be confirmed).


Color Cinema & Technicolor

Lesson of Cinema

The history of color cinema is nearly one hundred years old and is still evolving thanks to several technological innovations as well as to cultural influences and major economical issues. Created in 1915, Technicolor has dominated the film industry for a long time thanks to trichromy, a special three-colour process which provides intense and flaming colours (very stable over time). Jean-Pierre Verscheure, a distinguished cinema historian and collector, will illustrate the various steps of the evolution of Technicolor through several extracts from his personal collection of 35mm films.

12.06 > 20:00

5€ / 3,5€

A surprise event: an original Technicolor & Scope film… Shhht, we can’t tell you the title yet!

12.06 > 22:00


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