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Double Bill Performance

Cinemas are being dispossessed of their celluloid films. In the dawn of the digital stampede these are being marched off to galleries and museums. And even there, film ought to be used judiciously. For an evening that couldn’t be more to the point, we welcome two artists that, over the last twenty years, have developed a uniquely skilful and sensitive approach to working with film. An evening of experimentation without stage make-up.

7,5€ / 6€ (soirée / avond)

Performance + shortfilms


Greg Pope, GB, 30

There are no limits to the new cinematographic routes Greg Pope explores with his experimental work. Founder of the collectives: Situation Cinema and Loophole Cinema, he constantly renews his artistic projects, passing, without qualms from celluloid film to video and vice-versa. For this session at the Nova, Greg Pope will present his latest solo performance, following a compilation of a few of his shorts.

+ Shorts

Greg Pope, UK, 25

• Lofoten
2000, video, no dial, 3’

• Moonwalk
2001, video, no dial, 1’

• Windscreen
2004, video, 4’

• Shadow Trap
2007, 35mm, no dial, 8’

• Shot Film
2009, 35mm, no dial, 6’

• Art Prole Threat
2010, 35mm, 4’

18.10 > 20:00
7,5€ / 6€ (soirée / avond)

Xavier Quérel, David Chiesa & Jean Philippe Gross, FR, 50

Xavier Quérel, founding member of the Cellule d’Intervention Metamkine, manipulates his projector like a musician plucks his guitar: it squeals, squeaks, splutters and lulls: expect it to be hot and cold, chaotic and silent. David Chiesa (double bass) and Jean-Philippe Gross (electronic instruments) make up the trio.

18.10 > 21:30
7,5€ / 6€ (soirée / avond)

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