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17.09 > 18:00

Micro Evening

Joanna Lorho & guests

Films + concert + finissage

19.10 > 20:00


First screenings

Micro Evening Part #1

+ Kijé

Joanna Lorho, 2014, BE, HD, no dial, 13'

It took Joanna ten years to finally give form to "Kijé", a delicate animation of which each and every single image is a pencil drawing, attentively coupled to an exclusive music sound track composed by the film-maker herself.

+ Ladylike Lily – Blueland

Joanna Lorho, 2014, BE, HD, no dial, 4'

A fine, hand drawn animation by Joanna Lorho that illustrates the marvel of "Blueland", the latest EP by Ladylike Lily, from France.

+ Encore des changements

Barbara Malleville & Benoît Guillaume, 2013, FR, ov fr 10'

A fascinating animation that uses various animation techniques, with a text by Henri Michaux.

+ Pauvre histoire pauvre

Carl Roosens, 2014, BE, video, ov fr 3'

Two new and exclusive incongruous stories from the hand-drawn and auto-produced animation series "Pauvre histoire pauvre".

+ Astre

Antonin de Bemels, 2014, BE, HD, no dial, 5'

The very latest experimental video by Antonin de Bemels is a perplexing exploration of physical disassociation (to a piece by Lawrence Le Doux, recently released with the Brussels record label Vlek).



Forest Bath

Micro Evening Part #2

Joanna Lorho, also know as Forest Bath, a name she chose in 2012 to bring to light a series of unique piano pieces. Accompanied by Corentin Dellicour on the cello and Abdel Bouzbiba (also an illustrator) on the drums, Joanna invites us into her exquisitely sensitive universe.


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