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Since the 1960s and the artistic movement Mass Moving he founded is Bernard Delville fascinated by the reappropriation of energy production. He designed alternatives to the city-for-cars; he is involved in the delineation of a natural reserve of pure water in the eternal snows of the Himalayas; he burns his buttered bread; and already in the 1980s he designed solar cars. Nova’s bar will be filled with plans, pictures and other evocations of completed or ongoing projects, or projects too beautiful, too big, and so ambitious to be true.

Finissage (end-of-expo & 2014!) on the 21th december !

26.11 > 18:00  

Carl Roosens, 2013, BE, video, ov fr 38'

On the occasion of the “finissage” (end-of-expo & 2014!), we present the film portrait of Bernard Delville, "Incomplet dans tout" directed by Carl Roosens. The film will be screened in the presence of Bernard and Carl, and contains images of various works and of one of Bernard’s performances.

21.12 > 21:00

Gregory Lassalle, 2014, FR, video, ov fr & es st fr, 45'

France, 2011: Following a very significant civic movement, a bill was passed prohibiting hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) on French territory. This eventually resulted in the repeal of the license of Montelimar, originally granted to Total. This corporation remains free to go and exploit shale gas and shale oil elsewhere in Europe and around the world. As the second gas operator in Argentina, and before any other large multinationals, Total acquired unconventional gas permits in Patagonia, including one within a protected area. Local communities, and in particular members of the Mapuche communities and small farmers, have already been suffering from the impacts of decades of conventional oil and gas exploitation and are again trapped by foreign corporations and YPF, the re-nationalized State company. The government secured this agreement without a single consultation. Resistance begins.

+ Friends of the Earth Europe

The screening will be contextualized by a discussion with Antoine Simon, campaigner for Friends of the Earth Europe on the issue of shale gas. He will discuss the role that "Gasland" has played in the mobilization. He’ll also present the current situation in the United States, Europe and the rest of the world, and will answer your questions.

30.11 > 19:00  

The team of “Les petits débrouillards” will invade the bar of Nova with water, pocket windmills and electric circuits that will fascinate the children and teach them the fundamentals of energy and the way it works.

Workshop in French. Parents allowed. Registration is open to 20 children aged from 8 to 12. Send a mail to

07.12 > 13:00
6€ / 5€


Radieux Atome

Today is our guest Eloi Glorieux, specialist of nuclear issues for Greenpeace. With him we analyze the discourse advocated by the friends of the atom and the outlines of the Belgian situation, its legal framework and its impact. (in French).

07.12 > 17:00

There’s No Tomorrow

Sans lendemain

Dermot O'Connor, 2012, US, video, ov ang st fr, 35'

’There’s No Tomorrow’ is an animated film dealing with resource depletion, energy, and challenges to growth. It is a primer on the dilemmas facing the world of the 21st century.

+ mpOC Liège

The screening of "There’s No Tomorrow," will be discussed by two members of the political movement “mpOC Liege”, Francis Leboutte and Bernard Legros. The mpOC is a young movement founded in 2008 in Brussels, to unite in resisting the overwhelming consumer philosophy of our time. This projection-commentary is an opportunity to clarify some points raised in the film, and to show the public some theoretical notions such as evoked in the report of the Club of Rome.

14.12 > 17:00

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