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Želimir Žilnik

Želimir Žilnik

And the Yougoslavian Black Wave

Želimir Žilnik (born in Niš in 1942; currently living and working in Novi Sad) has written and directed numerous feature and documentary films which have reaped many awards at domestic and international film festivals. Žilnik is renowned as an initiator of the "docudrama" genre. From the very beginning his films have focussed on contemporary issues, featuring social, political and economic assessments of everyday life. Žilnik was along with a.o. Dušan Makavejev and Karpo Godina one of the key figures in the Yugoslav ’Black Wave’.

Želimir Žilnik will be a few days in Belgium to present his films in Brussels and in Ghent. This is an opportunity for the audience to meet Želimir Žilnik.
In collaboration with Courtisane and Kask Cinema.

Films + discussion

Early Works

Zelimir Zilnik, 1969, YU, 35mm > video, ov st ang, 87'

In an allegoric manner Early Works recount a story of young people who took part in student demonstrations in June 1968 in Belgrade. Three young men and a girl, Yugoslava, defy the petit-bourgeois routine of everyday life. Wishing to "change the world", inspired by the writings of young Karl Marx, they go to the country and to factories to "wake up people’s consciousness", to encourage them in their fight for emancipation and life worth living. Being in field they face primitivism and squalor, but they show their own limits, weaknesses, incapacity and jealousy. They get arrested. Frustrated because the planned revolution has not been realised, the three young men decide to eliminate Yugoslava, who is the witness of their impotence. They shoot her, cover her with the party flag, burn her body and a dark pillar of smoke going up into the sky is the only thing that remains of the intended revolution.

+ Newsreel On Village Youth, In Winter

Zelimir Zilnik, 1967, YU, 35mm > video, ov st ang, 15'

+ Little Pioneers

Zelimir Zilnik, 1968, YU, 35mm > video, ov st ang, 18'

26.11 > 20:00
5€ / 3,5€

Zelimir Zilnik, 2003, YU, video, ov st fr, 75'

This is a story of Yugoslavs who left the country in war and spent over ten years in Western Europe as refugees or in asylum. In the second half of the year 2002 the European Union sent many of these people back to Serbia and Montenegro together with their families, believing that there was no more reason for them to stay. Procedures for their return were usually very strict. Families would be gathered during the night, transported to the airport and sent to Belgrade on the first flight. To make things more dramatic, the majority of children born in some of the Western European countries speak and write the language where they were refugees better than their mother tongue. As they sold everything they owned when they were leaving the country, they are facing a situation where normal life is practically impossible.

+ The Unemployed

Zelimir Zilnik, 1968, YU, 35mm > video, ov st ang, 13'

+ Inventory

Zelimir Zilnik, 1975, DE, 16mm, ov st ang, 9'

10.12 > 20:00
5€ / 3,5€

Zelimir Zilnik, 1994, YU, 35mm, ov st ang, 87'

Merlyn has been pacifying the Balkans, turning tricks with countless Serbian guys. Merlyn is a lighting rod sheltering Belgrade, calming violent nighthawks, swanky big spenders, miserable loners and horny young studs, taking on the charge that would otherwise befall little girls, unprotected mothers and helpless old women. Combined with guns, this unbridled energy would eventually lead to bloodshed. Merlyn cools the boiling blood of violent Dinarides and enriches it with love. Johnny comes home to Belgrade, from the war. His motives are apparently similar, he also wants to cool the boiling blood, but he does it by letting it through the holes in the human body, which he makes with bullets or knives. This film is a treatise on the different methods of resolving conflicts, resorted to by Merlyn and Johnny.

+ Black Film

Zelimir Zilnik, 1971, YU, 35mm > video, ov st ang, 14'

17.12 > 20:00
5€ / 3,5€

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