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Industrial Waste


The relentless machine of doubt and radical rebellion produces its own waste. Man is a post-industrial mutant, smashing up morals, the limits of our domains, the body, becoming man-machine, a revolutionary conservative, bi-polar! Enough talk, let us revel in our own waste!


Industrial Waste

video, 93

A nearly ten-hour compilation of archival found footage, almost all in VHS format, with nothing but the worst of the worst carefully picked out... from Throbbing Gristle to Boyd Rice, some vinyl kitsch in a San Francisco bar, to music videos and live, often extreme performances by major bands from the scene as well as by obscure and fleeting experimenters.

A compilation put together with the help of Michel from the shop Elektrocution (Brüxxel),and Sylvie Cartiaux and Stéphance Merenne from the label Nuit et Brouillard.

03.12 > 21:00 + 12.12 > 18:00 + 13.12 > 19:00



Larry Wessel, 2010, US, video, ov ang st fr, 85’+62’+86

A four-hour fresco directed by Larry Wessel, an independent documentary filmmaker specialized in the bizarre, the kitsch, the provocative. "Iconoclast" draws an impressive portrait of a single protagonist: Boyd Rice. Unpredictable, capable of both the best and the worst, full of vital energy, inventive and destructive, a provocateur who was regularly accused of fascism, the one-time friend of Charles Manson, disciple of Anton Lavey and his successor as head of the Church of Satan, mentor and source of inspiration for Marilyn Manson, creator of Tiki Bars and Barbie-doll collector, decade-long adversary of the Protestant radio evangelist Bob Larson, an expert in awful pranks, inventor in the 1970s of vinyl records that could be "heard at any speed" thanks to a second hole which allowed it to be played backwards... It’s pretty hard to form a definitive opinion of Boyd Rice after watching this film. And beyond Boyd Rice, there’s a kind of access to the strange world of Larry Wessel’s documentary filmmaking, with an extreme and ironically displaced tone that switches from Nazism to the Hawaiin music of Martin Denny. A style that paints a surprising panorama of American and international subculture — and its major players— during the second half of the twentieth century.

Part 1: 17:00
Part 2: 19:00
Part 3: 21:00

6€ / 5€

Shinya Tsukamoto, 1989, JP, video, ov st fr & ang, 67

A man wakes up one morning with a bolt poking out of his cheek and transforms into a half-man, half-metal mutant. He meets and gets into a confrontation with another man, made of steel, leading to an unexpected conclusion...
Accompanied by the tense industrial music of Shu Ishikawa, sustained by expressionistic cinematography and a sometimes frenzied editing rhythm, Tsukamoto’s film interchanges between nightmare and surrealism. Filmed and edited using "old school" techniques, but possessing the ultra-fast spirit of manga, "Tetsuo" is a powerful and messy precursor to the cyberpunk genre.

12.12 > 20:00 + 20.12 > 21:00

Sogo Ishii, 1986, JP, video, no dial, 57

The Germans Einstürzende Neubauten (literally translated: "new buildings collapsing inward") came onto the scene during the second wave of the industrial movement. They took a much more literal approach to the notion of "industrial", using electronically-amplified drills, jackhammers, shopping carts and many other objects and tools as instruments. This film by Sogo Ishii follows their tour through Japan at the early and probably most radical stage of their career.

+ Pig [Why God Permits Evil]

Nico B & Rozz Williams, 1998, US, HD, no dial, 21

"PIG" is a film testament by Rozz Williams, who hung himself on April first the following year. Rozz was the singer of Christian Death, and never stopped shattering Christian "sins" through his cultivation of surrealist sensitivity.

12.12 > 22:00 + 19.12 > 20:00

Derek Jarman, 1985, GB, HD, no dial, 81

A homoerotic, magical, fantastic and ritual wandering film, "The Angelic Conversation" combines archetypal fairy-tale images with extremely rare industrial shots, all delivered by young men. Derek Jarman invites the new group by ex-Throbbing Gristle member Peter Christopherson for the occasion: COIL, a much more mystical and clearly gay-oriented musical project.

13.12 > 17:00
5€ / 3,5€

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