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The ABC of Porn Cinema

Exhibition in MIMA - 26/06/2021 → 09/01/2022

In 2013, the ABC, Brussels’ last old-school adult cinema still showing 35mm films, was shut down. Its archive, meticulously built over the forty years of its existence, was salvaged by Cinema Nova, allowing the veil of a bygone era devoured by the digital revolution to be lifted.

The exhibition “The ABC of Porn Cinema” spans four decades of activity by the aforementioned theatre, and in doing so recalls the world that surrounded it. Through numerous documents, posters, hand-painted billboards, engraved press plates and censored photos retrieved from the ABC, plus an accompanying art installation, an obscure part of our culture destined to be buried in the annals of history can once again be rediscovered and reappraised. Indeed, these historical archives are exceptional and unique, unafraid to indulge in humour or to drum up reflection and controversy.

An exhibition created by the Nova cinema and the MIMA with the participation of the Gogolplex collective.

Prohibited under 18 year old

Under the name "Double Bill" MIMA brings a double exhibition around cinema. The other half is a focus on the work of Belgian poster artist Laurent Durieux.

MIMA - Millennium Iconoclast Museum of Art


Collection particulière d’un cinéma porno bruxellois

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