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Johannes Maria Schmit, 2020, DE, de st fr & ang, 82

Markus lives in the German country side, where he cares for his lesbian grandmothers, one of whom suffers from dementia. But he longs to move to Berlin, to experience his identity and sexuality to the fullest. When Duc comes into his life, Markus is torn between staying to see this new love flourish in the province he knows so well, and leaving to make his dreams come true. A subtle and sweet fable about self-discovery.

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David Chausse, 2019, FR, fr st ang, 18

Two young mean quarrel on the roof of a building. The door closes by accident, which forces them to overcome their seemingly irreconcilable differences.

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O anthropos me tis apantiseis

The Man with the Answers

Stelios Kammitsis, 2021, CY-GR-IT, ov & ang & de el st fr & ang, 80

Following his grandmother’s death, Victor decides to leave his village for Germany in her battered old car, in search of his mother whom he has not been in touch with for years. On his way, he decides to help out Mattias the hitchhiker, and so it is that the two men embark on a journey through the Italian countryside. Despite their contrasting personalities, an intense connection sparks between them.

A simple but terribly moving road movie about searching for oneself in unlikely places.

+ Garçons sensibles

Sébastien Lifshitz, 2021, FR, ov st ang, 30

A polymorphous visual assemblage, Garçons Sensibles brings together numerous French television archives to tell us about the echoes of a not so distant time, when homosexuality was still a media taboo.

19.11 > 21:30
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